Unholy Anarchy Records - Compilation VA 2015

The 2015 Unholy Anarchy Records compilation is comprised of many songs from our label previous and upcoming 2015 releases. This compilation spans the spectrum of genres, with hardcore, grind, crust, punk, death metal, sludge, doom, and pretty much anything and everything that invokes an audible reaction. There's Fistula, Krieg, Ramlord, Sloth Herder and more!

STEEL BEARING HAND - Sick Boy (G.B.H. Cover) 02:35
FISTULA - Never Trust a Cop 04:13
KRIEG - Worthless Nothing (Doom Cover) 02:22
PANZERBASTARD - They Sing Death01:10
COMMUNION OF THIEVES - Iron Restraint (Rough Mix) 04:33
RAMLORD - From Absolution to Eradication 01:08
CAPTAIN THREE LEG - Count Me Out00:42
ENEMY INSECTS - Live to Die 02:00
COFFIN DUST - Pig Roast 01:52
SEWERCIDE - Hypothermia (Live)03:17
MESSiAHLATOR - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em 01:30
CASKET - Armed to the Teeth 03:38
RADICAL DISCHARGE - Throat Ripper02:12
SOKUSHINBUTSU - Rot Dominance01:33
BONESAW - Crafted Deformity 05:47
ASHENCULT - A Glorious Elegy 05:42
LEGION OF ANDROMEDA - Fist of Hammurabi 07:03
FORTRESS - Fight the Son 08:59
SINISTER HAZE - Black Shapeless Demon 09:34
RAGGED BARRACUDAS - Living the Dream 04:55

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