Totally amazing, depressive in some way and sometimes beautiful, but you are here to judge. It's here to happen, nostalgic feel when you think about numbers in Black Sabbath manner, #13, and sh*t. So what's inside - coolest reviews by mister Danial Gambler. Cover art by Veli Nyström from a hardcore band Enemies. Also, probably one of the longest reads you will ever had with amazing person behind the Australian doom/ noise project UBOA. One of the newest & loudest acts to keep an eye on this year is all mighty Making Fuck from Salt Lake, Utah. And to top that, there are great and meaningful words by motorcycle guy Valentin Mellström, who's also a member of great bands like Nixa and Death Wolf. It has been flagged as potentially unsafe by the service provider Issuu​, but please be so kind, login to view and enjoy your read!

Demonic Possessor - Porous Chambers 2015

It took weeks.. no not weeks, it took months for me to make this happening, but here it is! Total noise hell with burning sludge.. and I love it! Pre-order LP via Hypaethral Records, 100 copies on crimson vinyl, 200 on black. Highly Recommended!

Stolen Kidneys, Arson Under the Sea split 2015

Stolen Kidneys/ Arson Under the Sea is a bro band split from Oulu, Finland. Excellent combo, 4 on 3 tracks. Both bands are sharing entire piece on their bandcamps, Just download it for f*ck sake!


Behemoth "Messe Noire" Official Video

New BEHEMOTH! visual creation is an behemoth of all videos! This work is dedicated to the life and memory of H.R. Giger (1940-2014).

Pallbearer "Watcher in the Dark" Official Video

Pallbearer's first music video, for "Watcher in the Dark"..

Slaves BC - Lucifer Bound 2015

Doomed Pittsburgh hardcore 4-piece Slaves BC relieved one of the first songs they ever wrote. It was originally written for the This World Shall Pass Away demo. This sick track "Lucifer Bound" has been just re-recorded in Rick's Van Houten (Slaves BC guitar player) basement. This is the 2nd of a series of re-recorded versions of Slaves BC old songs. Couple weeks ago another oldie titled "The 140,000" was premiered to the masses and there's a lot more to come!

Throth - Trope 2015

Throth is a new one man metal act by Bristolian doom/ sludge band Sonance guitarist Will Turner-Duffin. Trope features one killer track with dope name "Zopiclone" (nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agent used in the treatment of insomnia) with total play of 17 mins. Highly Recommended!

Urzeit - Demo 2014

First offering from Urzeit. Released in winter MMXIV on 125 hand numbered cassettes (looks like sold-out), get in touch with band, probably a pair of these are hided somewhere. NYP downloads backed up by Seattle, Washington based Psychic Violence Records.

SONANCE - Live at The Unicorn 2015

Bristols doomers Sonance just dropped another live session, captured at The Unicorn, February 28 2015, recorded with one mic at the back of the room.

Prag - St 2015

Prag is deranged Australian hardcore delivered with maximum power! Lurching rhythms and screeching guitars crawling from a crack in the sidewalk. An ugly creation that mixes Japanese and European influences like two cats in a bag.



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