Crawl, The Way To Light split 2013

Cursed blood coalesce by Crawl and The Way To Light. Digital download includes art of the CD version.

Amends - I'm ok With Being Different 2015

A two piece that is now a four piece: Amends kind of sounds like the satisfaction the pimply kid behind the kfc counter gets when he upsells you to the large meal deal. you know you didn't really need the extra chicken, but to hell with it.

Serpent Ea†er - Hyena 2013

The world is in a helluva mess and it is going to get worse before it gets better. Reason for it is this blood spitting black punk, sludge beast - Serpent Ea†er.

Céh - Youth Is Impossible 2015

These might be the youngest brothers of Wreck and Reference, the two-piece Céh featuring of Gábor Kovács & Raymond Kiss, and this is their first album kindly provided by Brain Fatigue as NYP. "Fiddlers, dogs, and flies come to feasts uncalled. We are fiddlers. And dogs. Also flies. Uncalled too."

SEA - Demo 2015

Excellent post-metal/ doom demo tape from Boston, MA four-piece SEA. Three blasting tracks guided with great touch of melancholic mist.

Nise From Hell - Compilation VOL 21 2015


Torn Shore "Piece Of Mine" Official Video

Here's the opening track from Poland hardcore awesomeness, Torn Shore, upcoming album Lifeburner. Out on Instant Classic on 18.09.2015.

Fange, WeedWolf split 2015

Fange from Rennes, France & German sludgsters WeedWolf created a monster! Both sides recorded live in July of 2015 in different places, but going trough songs you can feel the size of the hell they building. 12" Split LP Out this fall, but you can get this beast already as NYP, download both sides separately. Burn mafuka, burn, we don't need no water let the mafuka burn! Highly Recommended!


Dee Claw & Al Hotchkiss - L​.​S​.​Dee. 2015

Post traumatic garage punk with a psychedelic twist of lemon. Members Dee Claw (Persian Claws) & Al (Los Tenalkills/ Filth Spector) bring you to the  beat to keep.

Kayleth - Space Muffin 2015

Kayleth, Italian stoner/ space rock band from Verona (ITA). 5th album released on February 2015 with Argonauta Records and had shared the stage with all mighty Stoned Jesus, Verdena, Bud Spencer Blues Explosions, Naam, Deville, Scorpion Child, Spiralarms, OJM, etc.



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