KEN mode "The Promises of God" Official Video

Winnipeg hardcore/ noise masters KEN mode premiere brand new video to a track "The Promises of God". It's the fourth official video from the bands latest album Entrench made by Chad Tremblay

Karass, Lamplighter - Noise Split 2014

Seattle, WA based electronic confrontation Karass noise split with a hardcore/ grind outfit Lamplighter from Alaska.


Red Fang - Absolute Music Bunker Session 2014

TeamRock​.​com presents an Absolute Music Bunker Session with Red Fang. Acoustic tracks recorded live in March 2014 at the Team Rock studios in London, UK. "Failure" originally appears on the 2013 album Whales and Leeches, "Human Herd" and "Malverde" originally appear on the 2011 album Murder the Mountains.

A389 Digital Mixtape VA 2014

Totally insane playlist; enjoy 54 tracks of the best hardcore/ metal/ other around!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!!

The Sun Through a Telescope - Unnatural Cruciform on a Moss Covered Rock 2014

Ottawa, Canada based one man drone/ doom recording project The Sun Through a Telescope released a 5-song digital EP. Lee Neutron is a master of everything behind the TSTAT and this particular EP. It's have been written, recorded, mixed between 2012 and 2014.

Topon Das + Bubba Crumrine + Merdarahta - Solar pulse / Faulter 2014

The noise of extinction have been created in a long distance collaboration between Topon Das (Fuck The Facts, Merdarahta) and Bubba Crumrine (Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, BRIAN!). Unity of both master musicians with a "Faulter" converge in a haunting 4 track journey and it's an amazing additive to Topon's Das (featuring 4/5 of Fuck The Facts as well as members of Winters In Osaka & The Sun Through a Telescope) doom/ noise outfit Merdarahta's new release titled "Solar Pulse". Both albums were released in a day between! Highly Recommended!


Pale Shelter - Easy Fix / Towers The Body 2014

Exciting news for Bubonic Bear & Fight Amp fans; these both bands merge into a creation, a new project called Pale Shelter. They just released amazing 2 track noise rock EP and should have a 5 song EP out by the fall. Stay tuned! Highly Recommended!

Ommadon - V 2014

Ommadon continue the quest for infinite heaviness with the release of their new album "V", recorded live on The Hill Of Maud in the Scottish Highlands over the winter of 2012/13. Mastered by Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Sleep, High On Fire). "V" will be released on 180g double gatefold vinyl 4th August 2014 (limited to 300 copies) by Burning World, Dry Cough, Domestic Genocide. Pre-order now! Highly Recommended!

Clouds Taste Satanic - To Sleep Beyond The Earth 2014

The slow, heavy and evil riffs carried out from the underground by Clouds Taste Satanic, a doom metal band from Brooklyn. Influenced by hypnotic and heavy distorted riffs of Sleep and Earth. Mindblowing video for the song "To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Parts I & II)" from the bands first album after the jump. Highly Recommended!

My Brother The Wind - Live At Roadburn 2013

My Brother The Wind full audio set, recorded live at the Roadburn Festival 2013.



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