Marcy​, ​Coma Regalia, ​Mothlight, ​Flesh Born split 2014

Damn you, four way split is even possible? Yes, yes it is! Marcy​, ​Coma Regalia, ​Mothlight ​and ​Flesh Born, these are the acts joined in a session of destruction. Entire piece can be downloaded with the support of mighty It's a Trap! Records, and you can get this venomous split on black & orange 10" vinyl at Middle-Man Records! How nice is that?

Wolves and Vibrancy Records - WVR Compilation VOL 1 VA 2015

Wolves and Vibrancy Records, label for hardcore/ doom/ sludge/ black metal/ ambient/ experimental just dropped fresh compilation featuring 25 songs to summarize the last 2 years of the label and to give an outlook what you can expect in 2015. Highly Recommended!

Vendetta Records - Vendetta Compilation 2015

Freaking solid German record label Vandetta Records is putting up some even more freaking badass bands to their Vendetta Compilation. Just hit here to see what they are preparing to release in 2015 - it's a beast! All your favorite bands like Svffer, Children of God, Paramnesia, Ancst, Funerary, Whitehorse, Throwers and couple more! Highly Recommended!

Opium Lord "Challenger" Official Video

Best of the best from UK, Opium Lord's brand new video to a track "Challenger" off debut album The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth coming late Feb / early March 2015 on Candlelight Records.

Seer - Vol. 1 2015

Excellent stuff right here! Seer from Vancouver, BC just released a couple of songs on Bandcamp for free download. Vol. 1 was recorded and mixed by Kyle Thomas (Poor Traits) and Mastered by Stu McKillop (Baptists, Archspire, Weirding). As band describes themselves it is kind of vintage metal thing. Also, if you're a record label and looking for new acts to support, guys at Seer would like to do a physical release if the opportunity arises.

Dö "For the Worms" Official Video

Bastards from in a new music video playing "For the Worms" at the rehearsal dungeon. Track is taken from their latest book of evil riffs DEN. You must check everything related to this band!

The Black Metal Alliance - Crushing Intolerance VOL 1 VA 2014

The Black Metal Alliance is a collection of metal artists promoting equal rights for all life. Crushing Intolerance Volume 1 is a charity compilation for Women on Waves. This organisation aims to prevent unsafe abortions and empower women to exercise their human rights to physical and mental autonomy. We make sure that women have access to medical abortion and information through innovative strategies. But ultimately it is about giving women the tools to resist repressive cultures and laws. Not every woman has the possibility to be a public activist but there are things we can all do ourselves. With a ship Women on Waves can provide contraceptives, information, training, workshops, and safe and legal abortion services outside territorial waters in countries where abortion is illegal. All proceeds from this album will be donated to Women on Waves.

General Lee - Black Samurai (Demo version)2015

Track "Black Samurai" will be part of General Lee's brand new album Knives out, everybody!. This demo version of the song is just a little treat to make you wait. You can also help General Lee fund this album by pre-ordering your own copy on Ulule ( Get 10 songs before anybody else and get some awesome extra goodies such as stickers, booklet or even an absolutely vital General Lee Pizza Wheel. Make it happen !

At The Graves - Golem​/​Heavy Ether 2015

The band of Ben Price, At The Graves, is what we as Archiv Hate usually try to keep an eye on! We have number of this band records featured here on AH, and I hope we'll archive all of the At The Graves creations till the end of times. This two tracker will keep you busy just for 13 and a half minutes and it looks like this is just a small part of the upcoming full-length (out in spring of 2015), but it's really worth checking. Just take a day-off and dive in At The Graves. Highly Recommended!

Sunwølf - The SW III remix 2015

Sunwølf almost reached Archiv Hate TOP albums 2014 list with their magnificent Beholden To Nothing And No One and there's only one reason why it didn't - it's too beautiful for the lists. This album was and still is the biggest surprise for me with it's mindblowing song contrasts, gentle ambient touch and rough doom riffs. So, to make it up for you guys, here's a "The SW III" remix LP! It's a collection of songs, an extract from "Beholden To Nothing And No One" in a mixed way. It's free to download and there's limited /50 CDs available for just £2 at their Bandcamp. Epic journey!



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