Paramnesia - st 2014

French atmospheric black metal outfit Paramnesia's full-length debut album PARAMNESIA is now available on Bandcamp, CD & LP. Released through Les Acteurs De L'ombre Productions. ST release features two tracks “IV” and “V” both clocks at 20 minutes play. This record is a glorious horror!

Svffer - Lies We Live 2014

Hardcore/ grind masters Svffer latest LP Lies We Live is now finally up for free download. Ripping and violent 13 track piece recorded at the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg, released by PER KORO RECORDS and VENDETTA. Highly Recommended!

DeathgraVe - Demo 2013

Medic, a crude and absurd form of hell has entered our realm and calls itself DeathgraVe... Digital version of the DeathgraVe Demo recorded at Earhammer Studio by Greg Wilkinson and DeathgraVe in Nov of 2013. Pass the scalpel, we must stop this thing!

Bango Skank - Demo 2014

Bango Skank is a rock band from Long Beach, California. They like punk/ hardcore, stoner rock, blues and other stuff. Their demo EP consists of five tracks recorded in a garage through a TASCAM DP-03. The thing is a complete mess but who cares, really. It's free and it's pretty good. Dig it!

The Haunting Green - St 2013

The Haunting Green, a post-doom guitar & drum from Italy, consisting of Cristiano Perin (guitar, vocals and electronics) and Chantal Fresco (drums and vocals). Self-titled EP is made up of five tracks sounding between doom, post-metal and drone/ noise. It is also available in only 200 self-produced, screen printed and hand numbered CD copies (in 4 different color versions), order via bandcamp.

Primitive Man - P​/​/​M (Noise Tape) 2013

Hateful post-apocalyptic noise by Primitive Man. Pre order here:, limited to 100 cassettes.

Roadburn Festival 2014! Full Sets Showing

Once again Youtube user iceaxvideo witnessed and captured tons of great sets of most awesome band performances at the most awesome Roadburn Festival 2014 - Samothrace, Bong, Mühr and many more expecting to appear in following days!

Galg "Waardeloos" RPM Sessions

DIT in collaboration with RPM, Knik Magazine & SOTU festival recorded a session of the brand new GALG song. If you dig it, check another beast created by the GALG at this location!

Asilo - Comunión 2014

Asilo is 4 piece doom-crust quartet from Argentina formed in 2010. The temper of the band is a mixture of sludge/ doom/ crust, what is a gargantuan massive sound that is created with two bass players and no guitar. In songs Asilo trying to bring their vision on life subjects and a Latin America as third world country, economic order, social control, religion, power, war and lack of absolute freedom in the globalized world of today. Recorded in Randolph Carter Studios with sdditional recordings somewhere in Neuquen, Argentina. Produced and mixed by Manuel Randolph Carter Platinum Studios. Additional piano compositions at 3, 6 and 9 track by Caro Dy.

Umor - Held Us Silent For A Moment 2014

There is nothing that can compete with this! Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric rock/ metal four-piece with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia. We waited pretty damn long since their last release which was a bands first full length album Pralayaah released mid 2011, but it was worth that. Umor's second full length album Held Us Silent For A Moment is released, also band is starting Europa tour to promote new album. Digital download is free, vinyl and CD release on 25th of April.

Merlin - Christ Killer 2014

Merlin is a Kansas City, Missouri based dark psychedelic rock quintet. It's a brew of spacey 70's era riffs inspired by such as Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, SUNN O))), Agalloch and Pink Floyd. Loosely based on Nick Cave's screenplay, "Gladiator II: Christ Killer". Album live recorded at Red Roof Productions. This thing is total Christ killer!

Art As Catharsis - A Collection Of Songs & A Dedication To Chris Torpy 2014

A special compilation curated by We Lost the Sea and Art As Catharsis to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2013. It's a collection of 32 songs that put together to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2013. The release includes tracks from Totally Unicornsleepmakeswaves, Dumbsaint, HELM, Hope Drone, Serious BeakSolkyri and many, many more. There is also a tribute and fundraiser show happening April 26, event info at this location. Please LISTEN, SHARE, DOWNLOAD and DONATE.



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