Beak "Light Outside" Official Video

Watch the new Beak video to a track "Light Outside" from the bands forthcoming album Let Time Begin which will be released September 23 on Someoddpilot Records. Pre-order now! Great video, tons of colors, scary yelling faces and smoke! Watch it in HD!

Paths - Where the Oakenhearted Dwell 2014

Incredible Michael's Taylor one man black metal band Paths after three demos is releasing the first full-length album titled "Where the Oakenhearted Dwell". Seven finest album songs will track you down and literally kill you! This is how badass is this album and Paths in general. Mr.Michael Taylor is looking for any labels that would be interested in doing a physical release of this incredible album! Highly Recommended!

Cloudburst - Dead Demo 2014

Cloudburst is a collection of young dudes playing hardcore/ punk with chaotic attitude influenced by Converge, Alpinist, Baptists, Botch and Cave In. Highly Recommended!

Uroboros -The Blackdope Sessions 2014

Uroboros is Argentina's black metal duo. The Blackdope Sessions gathered three bands (Uroboros, El Caos Reptante and Asilo) to play live on November 9th 2013 in the Randolph Carter Studios in the Randolph Carter Studios and record this sessions, with help from Ramón Aráoz (ex The Grave) filming and Manuel Platino producing and mixing. Here are the songs recorded by Uroboros. There's a talk that video of recording session should be out soon as well as two other band songs of The Blackdope Sessions. Keep your eyes wide open!

Dala Sun - Sala Dun 2010

Dala Sun is a DIY stoner act hailing from anticommercial underground music scene and is opposed to their music being broadcasted by major commercial Radio-Stations and being selled by record super-stores and music labels. The band stands against playing live in music clubs with entrance fee, security guys and overpriced alcohol, choosing the ethics of the anticommercial self-organized form of entertainment in autonomous social places, music collectives and squats. Highly Recommended!

Chi Lameo - Dig A Hole 2014

Founding member and lead singer Chi Lameo of Newport's, UK Spider Kitten is a pretty damn badass musician! Dig A Hole is simply beautiful folk/ blues album, performed entirely by C.Lameo doing vocals, guitar and banjo.

Holy Grove - Live at Jooniors 2014

Holy Grove is a killer stoner rock band from Portland, OR! Bands 2012 demo was available via Bandcamp and was featured at Archiv Hate a while ago, but it seems that band took it down which is kinda sad since it was a killer stuff! This beast is recorded live and video footage from recording session can be viewed after the jump! Also Holy Grove's full-length album due fall 2014. Highly Recommended!

Enemy Noise - Remaining 2014

Crappily recorded demos for the never released LP of Long Beach hardcore act Enemy Noise. R.I.P. 2008-2014.

Ruke - Triad Of Despair 2014

Brand new RUKE EP Triad of Despair featuring songs about depression recorded in the woods on a dictaphone with the wind in trees. Voice and ukulele performed, recorded by Morgan Gleave in woodland in Leicestershire. Raw, natural and primal.

Petar Alargic - Bleed, You Fucking Skies 2014

One man metal installment "Bleed, You Fucking Skies" created by Petar Alargic from Serbia, and it's his first fully guitar based album. Progressive-metal at its finest!



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