Gale - Vol 1 2014

Burn your person.

CVLT Nation : PURE FILTH Vol. III Mixtape 2014

CVLT Nation's PURE FILTH Vol. III, sixteen tracks of the nastiest sludge to have oozed into our ears this year! Put on a garbage bag, hit play below and let the filth come flying at you! Highly Recommended!

Death Engine "Still" Official Video

Brand new Death Engine video for the song "Still"! Apocaplexy and Throat Ruiner is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Death Engine's debut album "Mud". The album is due out March 2nd, 2015 on 180 gram vinyl and CD Artwork by Hugues / PZZL.

CVLT Nation: Doom Nation Vol. V Mixtape 2014

All mighty CVLT Nation present last DOOM NATION Mixtape of the year, Vol V: MMXIV Edition. Heavy as fuck doom releases of 2014, and includes eight unsigned bands that really deserve shine! Download via Soundcloud! Highly Recommended!

LLNN Premiere New Track and Looking For A Record Label

Copenhagen based & newly founded hardcore act LLNN (ex-The Psyke Project) totally stands out of the hardcore stuff that recently has been released! These gentleman found their one in a way sound, the sound of absolute destruction! I totally dig it, killer stuff! LLNN need a label for the release of the new album, so each one who knows whats best for these guys, please share or get in touch!

Speed Slaughter Magazine&Productions - One Cold Night in Norway:​ A Tribute to Darkthrone 2014

The SpeedSlaughter label is a extraservice of Magazine&Productions, to help out bands when no label can (or wants to) release their album. These awesome guys released various artist compilation One Cold Night in Norway ​-​ A Tribute to Darkthrone. My heart stopped at Wytchfilth track Transilvanian Hunger, badass stuff. Tons of other great bands, each one pays tribute to all mighty Darkthrone.

Istvan - Kenosis 2014

We lazy fucks did not posted quality stoner here for a long time now. Here you go sons of weed, killer psychedelic act Istvan hailing directly out from Forli, Italy. Just one track, but this is probably only a small part of the forthcoming stoner storm by this trio. It's worth every single minute of the play! Highly Recommended!

Olde - I 2014

"Despite their somewhat-odd origins, this is not some new-school, svengali-created trend-jumper. OLDE is, simply, a handful of old school veterans offering up something new, challenging themselves in order to challenge the music scene itself. This is their battle cry, and, hopefully, it is the first of many."

Doublestone - Wingmakers 2013

Doublestone.. nothing but a nasty stoner rock! I totally dig it, you will totally dig it, it's Highly Recommended!

Randolph Carter Studios: The Blackdope Sessions 2014

The Blackdope Sessions gathered three bands - Uroboros, El Caos Reptante and Asilo. These acts joined in a live ritual on November 9th 2013 in the Randolph Carter Studios and record this sessions with help of Ramón Aráoz (ex The Grave) filming and Manuel Platino producing and mixing. For your download pleasures here are the songs recorded by all three bands, actually by two of them (one still missing), but there is live video footage from all three sets for The Blackdope Sessions. Enjoy!




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