Hirs, The Slothspring split 2014

The worlds nightmare combo by HIRS & THE SLOTHSPRING. Highly Recommended!

OvO "I Cannibali" Official Video

It’s not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit of all these.

Rouille - On Tue Ici 2014

DIY label Walking is Still Honest Records from Spain are back to present a new release, Rouille's first LP On Tue Ici. Rouille is a new band with former members from some not that new bands like Interlude or Amanda Woodward, which is the reason why the band sings in French. 7 songs oscilating between post-rock-hardcore, mixing melancholy, passion and rage.

[ B O L T ] - ( R E A S S A M B L E D ) 2013

[ B O L T ]'s remix album ( R E A S S A M B L E D ) that was released last year now is available for free on bandcamp. It includes remixes of songs taken from their first two releases ( 0 1 ) and ( 0 2 ) by amazing artists like Petrels Pechuga de Pollodiabolo Ewaldt Damscray tissika and asmo. You can order the CD version here.

LIGHT IN DARKNESS "Nemesis Divina" : Christian Black Metal Documentary

The number of metal sub-genres is too damn high! Yeah, I could agree on that, and what caught my attention was un-black metal which basically is christian metal or white metal. This genre is totally unknown for me and probably most of you, or not. Did a "research" and found this documentary, just hit play to find out more about this mystical genre. If you want to dig more in to metal sub-genres, you can see Wikipedia page, with lots of titles and stuff.

Al Hotchkiss & The Evil Ones - Grim Fandango 2014

Lo-fi garage psychedelia. Track "The Angel Of Death" written by Hank Williams, "Grim Fandango" written by Al Hotchkiss. Too short to get wild, but worth to repeat for a thousand times.

Filth In My Garage - 12​.​21​.​12 2012

Filth In My Garage is a Italian hardcore stallion established in 2007, started as a trio and later evolving into quintet. 12.21.12 EP consists of three songs and 23 minutes of music, it's a mixture of hardcore and noise.

Sine Nomine - Super Molecular Dust Separator 2011

Described as "plays the most intense, insanely weird music ever heard. Truly unique and incredible." Why not to believe that? Check it out, it's available as free download, don't be late it's probably limited to 200 downloads. Highly Recommended!

Live Burial - st 2014

Old-school death metal act Live Burial's self-titled debut EP just hit the interwebs. What it sounds like - like being buried alive! Highly Recommended!

Huldra - Black Tides 2014

Fourth release by Salt Lake City post metal band, Huldra. This is an album about grief and loss, told through the story of a man lost at sea. Supported by Subrosa: Kim Pack (tracks 2, 3, and 5), Sarah Pendleton (tracks 2, 3, and 5) and Rebecca Vernon (tracks 2 and 3). Highly Recommended!



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