KEN MODE "Blessed" Official Video

Noisy Canadian punk trio KEN mode is writing a new name to their book of muscle, which is a forthcoming album title - Success. Band premiering their first track with a sloowwmooo shaky visuals to an album opener titled "Blessed", taken from this monster.

Moro Moro Land - Through 2015

The new Moro Moro Land EP Through including the Nirvana's cover to a track "Something in the way"! LP & Tape will show up at your favorite record labels in April 2015. Thanks to Broken Limbs Recordings for NYP download after the jump. Highly Recommended!

Sludge Hummer Septic Murk​-​Tape VOL 2 VA 2014

Damn, what a great collection of insane tracks put together by Sludge Hummer Imprint! Featuring The Great Sabatini (track recorded specially for this compilation), Fuck the Facts, Godstopper.. and these are only a small part of 19 tracks.

Ice Dragon - A Beacon on the Barrow 2015

Wild and nasty collection of finest psychedelic rock riffs by all mighty Ice Dragon. Highly Recommended!

Enemies "Skin Turner" Official Video

Music video for Tampere, Finland's metallic hardcore outfit Enemies "Skin Turner", from the album Bind Me A Wreath. For those who are sick of all those official-facial live videos, this is much more eye-catching - bulls on parade! Bulls killing people, people killing bulls, guys blasting guitar riffs, chucking middle fingers (lyrically) right in the throat to all those f*cking complicated relationships we/ you/ all have. Enjoy!

Ekranoplan - st 2015

Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their first record. Five songs filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. Expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore annihilation all mixed with critical but hateful lyrics. Streaming entirely with support of Narshardaa Records (as well as NYP downloads) and limited edition hard copies order here.

Tumus - st 2015

New band, TUMUS. Hardcore/ sludge trio from Jyväskylä, Finland, formed by members of KUROUMA.

Shrine - St 2011

Swindon, UK based psychedelic rockers Shrine dropped this originally in 2011. Excellent 4-track EP will send you in to the space. I think this is how Nirvana would sound like if they were a stoner band (because of voice). Highly Recommended!

Wild Al Hotchkiss & His Aquaphibians - Salty Sea Dawgs 2015

Composed, performed & produced by Wild Al Hotchkiss. Psychedelia Surf thang heavily influenced by The Ventures In Space LP & the works of Gerry Anderson.

Social Crisis - 7" 2015

A part of some combo or something with some badass dudes from everywhere or nowhere. What I have here is a side of something, Social Crisis from Poland!



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