Licrest - Misery 2014

One-man guitar-driven death/ doom project Licrest is a filthy creation of Armon Nicholson, also in Yfel. Full-length Devoid of Meaning was pretty unique and finest Licrest debut release, so I was more than sure to keep an eye on following Mr.Nicholson creations and I will. Like with the previous full-length, Misery is available as limited edition CD, be sure to buy it here, but keep in mind that this thing doesn't ship to certain countries: Russia, Ukraine, India, and a few others. If in doubt, just ask. Highly Recommended!

bandcamp: licrest | support at bandcamp

The digital download is free but please considering paying even a small amount for this album. It took a lot of effort and time. Physical copies will be available in a few days.

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