THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE "Consequences" official video

THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE premiere music video for the title-track of their second full-length "Consequences". Music video for the song "Consequences" made by the talented As Human Pattern.

"Consequences" out now on 12"LP via Throatruiner Records, Black Lake Records & Dingleberry Records and on CD via Swarm of Nails (100 copies pressing).

"Recorded live to keep the chaos and intensity of the band's physical live performances, these eleven tracks spread a wider, more personal sound, expanding their brutally crushing and discordant brand of hardcore to new horizons. Constantly switching between two-minute ear-blasting assaults that will make your adrenaline rush and slower, heavier tracks where the band explores a more oppressive atmosphere, "Consequences" shows a band that has matured and expanded it's musical vision, while sounding tighter and wilder than ever." - Throatruiner Records

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