"35" - Benefit Compilation LP VA 2016

Benefit compilation album for the financial support of Patras' prosecuted comrades fund, co-released by Prokat35 Squat in Patras and the participating bands, featuring unreleased tracks by Dirty Wombs, Fields Of Locust, Dala Sun, Λήθη, Mass Culture, Zvarna and couple more! This will never run out of NYP downloads, various sources sharing it below:

support at link, link or link

12" LP released in 500 copies with a 7 euros indicative fee. Get your copy at Prokat35 squat, by the bands, or at future distribution points. There will soon be a collectively worked CD-format release. Contribution for this will be optional.

Dirty Wombs - Bastard Sons 04:01
C.F.S. - Ψόφος 03:31
Terror Detonator - Απεργία Πείνας02:05
Sardanapalm Death - Οργουελική Πραγματικότητα 03:14
Fields Of Locust - The Plague 05:24
Dala Sun - Time Consumer 05:11
Σάρκα Στο Ζώο - The Human Device04:12
Λήθη - Στην Ιθάκη Των Άλλων 03:37
Mass Culture - Μιάσματα 03:53
Zvarna - Iron The World 01:37

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