Morrow - Covenant Of Teeth 2016

Brand new headbanger in the doomed world. Voices of a reclaimed earth - Morrow! Covenant Of Teeth complimented by guests: Brian Josh and Lacy of Anopheli, Natalie of Wildspeaker, Oskar and Erik of Monachus, Lee of The Nepalese Temple Ball, Dean of Knifedoutofexistence, Joe of Masakari, Anna of Archivist. Huh, how cool is that?

bandcamp: morrow | support at bandcamp and halo of flies records

Various languages are spoken on this record deliberately. This is a record about remnant cultures on a future earth that has healed the various wounds dealt by the hands of humankind. Our record follows the Norr, whose own culture is comprised of many different peoples. This record is about language, about the sharing of culture and ideas and beliefs. If you would like to find out more about this, we recommend you pick up a copy of the record when its released, which includes lots of drawings and information about this tale and the music.

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