Hundred Headless Horsemen "Blackmindfulness" Official Video

Stroboscopic, trippy & haunting video installment by Hundred Headless Horsemen. Feed human souls to this beast! Do not watch this video if you suffer from epilepsy..

After recovering from the shock of finding all of the dark energy that was flowing right through us and found its form as our first release one year ago, we had to try and find a reason why this overflowing stream of darkness wanted to talk through us. In an odd twist of fate, one of our band members was visiting his home grounds in Lapland, when his father brought home the skull of a killed reindeer.

A little after returning to Helsinki the same member of our band received a postal package from his father. The package contained the reindeer skull he had seen back home with all it’s defiant energy still intact. The skull spoke to us, through it’s actual cracked and rotten form and it’s fermented smell, about the forces that our minds are unable to fathom, in the dark forests just beyond our backyards. It laughed at our fantasies of nature as a harmonious or wholesome entity and suggested instead that what we want to see as such is an intricate balance of discordant powers driven only by their will to survive. These teachings from the dead reindeer directed us to the path of discovery which ultimately lead us to the completion of our second EP called “Hexagon”.

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