Forced - The Vanishing Dark 2016

Blackened sludge/ hardcore band Forced out of Long Island NY. AH have been featured this band with previously released demos & stuff of the past few years and this is Forced first full length album, The Vanishing Dark. Very nice!

bandcamp: forced | support at bandcamp

..we focus on the notion that in a world full of artifice, of living in cities, the very human experience of looking to the sky at night and seeing the stars is no longer possible, at least for the vast majority of humanity. We have flooded the world with light as a means to do a lot of things, not the least of which to, literally and figuratively, blind us to the dark of the unknown, to blind us from the reality of our fear. Yet, in doing so we create monsters and catastophies of geologic proportions. The cruel irony of light is that it is not as a source of redemption or hope, but a visual representation of fear itself.

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