Sludge Hummer Imprint - Septic Murk​-​Tape VOL 3 VA 2015

The Great Sabatini present to you Volume 3 of the Sludge Hummer Septic Murk-Tape. The Sludge Hummer Imprint has been our de facto self-run label for various releases since 2009. This year, the Septic Murk-Tape has contributions from a wider variety of locales than the previous 2 volumes (vol. one/ vol. two). Rodha, Great Falls, Sofy Major and more.

ANION - God's Day Off 04:30
ANGLES - Terminal Knave 02:15
ANTHESIS - Light Yourself On Fire01:39
UNATTENDED FUNERAL - Premature Burial 02:37
CRUX OF AUX - Body Of Shale 03:45
ADOLYNE - Gnashing Of The Teeth03:16
KNOW NOTHING - Feros Zombi 03:42
THE WEIR - Rust In Blood 11:41
GREAT FALLS - Cold As Charity 02:59
30, 000 MONKIES - Imperial Staches02:12
ABRAMS - Sweaty And Self Conscious02:48
RODHA - White Eyes 03:18
SUPER LUXURY - Amasia 02:00
SOFY MAJOR - We See Fire 03:18
FASHION POLICE - Coach VS Gramps02:18
GRIZZLOR - Winter Blows 01:24
THE GREAT SABATINI - The Pit And The Pendulum 03:58

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