Kyrest - Life. Life. Disaccord. 2015

Kyrest are back with their second LP Life.Life.Disaccord. digitally out NOW, psychically will be released on the end of January 2016. Dark, modern and emotional HC with hints of screamo and punk. First press of 300 records, all on 180gr. vinyl, 100 white marbled and 200 black. All records contain a download code if you order it trough amazing Narshardaa Records which also provide us NYP download.

bandcamp: kyrest | support at bandcampnarshardaa records

It's a record about life as we (try to) live it. Its blacks and whites and moreover its grays inbetween. About how modern days capitalistic society and the things it creates affect us and our lives. And about our own ways to deal with that. Ways, which are never easy, never straight and sometimes wrong and right the same time.

It's been a long way to this since our last record Fractures, because living in distant places makes it hard to regurlary practise, write songs etc.
So here are 6 new songs, which will be released on vinyl via the awesome André/Narshardaa Records on January 28th 2016.

Kyrest - Life. Life. Disaccord.

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