Art As Catharsis - NEGFEST VA 2015

Art As Catharsis free compilation of doom/ sludge/ skramz/ noise/ death/ grind vibes.. negative Australian music. Features Space Bong, Thorax, Diploid, FROWN, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, Funeral Moon, Gvrlls, Tombsealer, Jxckxlz, Narrow Lands, MSV BCP and Kurushimi. All funds go towards the promotion of nihilism amongst children.

Space Bong - Slow Spring 13:46
Thorax - Nachthexen 03:22
Diploid - And No One Suspected A Thing 02:13
FROWN - Trial By Ordeal 06:25
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Cicada / Grasshopper 00:28
Funeral Moon - Total Goat Fuck 03:09
Gvrlls - Collapse, And Still Lost 03:17
Tombsealer - The Curse 05:13
Jxckxlz - Trophic Level 05:33
Narrow Lands - Triple J Drive Time Hit04:36
Kurushimi - A Grove - iii: Homen 00:26

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