General Lee "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" Official Video

Folks, "now" might be a good time to look at "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine", first music video from General Lee shining brand new album Knives Out, Everybody !. Let's sing along and go insane!


"today is the day
we hit the road at dawn in our shiny fuel injected suicide machine
six smelly beasts packed like matryoshka dolls
driving like hell through the fields of dirt and stones
for miles and miles around
get the fuck out of our way or all of a sudden you'd be dead
here brakes don't exist
where we're going we don't need it
get the fuck out of our way
a hole opens up and we're dead
here there's no highways
where we're going we don't need it
we threw out the map hand over the reins
It's no vacation
we go to hell
day in day out
the nightriders of doom
day in day out
we are the nightriders of doom"

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