The Tragedy We Live In - Tragedie 2015

..after four years of existence one of the greatest chapters titled The Tragedy We Live In is coming to an end. Their last album..

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This will be our last album as The Tragedy We Live In, our most absurd, loudest, noisiest, agressive collection of songs we have written in one of the most confusing and confronting times of our lives. After four years we are ending this as we don't feel the same emotions anymore as when we started playing this music. Therefore, we can not lie to ourselves and continue on playing. All future shows are cancelled, all our music will remain to be downloaded for free on our bandcamp as we always have done. To the people that supported and understood us, thank you for making us play loud. To the people that did not understand us, thank you for making us play even louder! Tragedy forever, feedback for life !

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