Shalosh Cult - Songs Of Hate And Hate VA 2015

Shalosh Cult, DIY Israeli-based label/ distro, focusing mainly on limited special edition CDs & vinyl releases - dark tones for a gloomy existence. Songs of Hate and Hate is a dark glimpse to what 3C is aiming for, a gloomy vibe that surrounds all of the artists featured in this compilation. Exemplified with the ominous masterwork of Terra Tenebrosa and local residents of abysmal hymns Sheen Daled will drag you down to a black tar pit full of misanthropic drenched riffs, whilst Sammy Ofer will take whats left and punch you in the face with their raw and guttural crust punk. Also featured on this compilation great acts such as:  Hexis, PARVE, Zaga Zaga, Siyüth, SICKMARK, Nihilistic Legion, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND, Sheen Daled, Slowly We Rot, UNRU, ULTHA, Void Forger, yon, Cloud Rat, SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS, הלהקה ע"ש סמי עופר. Highly Recommended!

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Sammy Ofer - Erschöpft 01:31
Hexis - Tenebris 02:28
Plebeian Grandstand - Mvrk Diving06:46
Sickmark - Fuck God Fuck Religion00:40
Slowly We Rot - Worn Out 01:48
Sheen Daled - Close To The Edge04:23
Seeds In Barren Fields - Internalize Deir Yassin 07:52
Cloud Rat - Childcraft 02:43
Terra Tenebrosa - The Mourning Stars10:09
UNRU - The Final Blood Bath 02:47
Siyuth - Nothing 07:29
Zaga Zaga - The Dancer 01:10
Nihilistic Legion - Nuclear Chaos 06:29
ULTHA - You Exist For Nothing 06:43
Void Forger - Raise The Curtain 03:53
Yon - OJ Simpson 12:18
Parve - Pee 11:19
Shalosh Cult - Songs Of Hate And Hate VA
Art by Tami Mazin Jerassi

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