Howling Moon Records Sampler Vol.1 VA 2015

Howling Moon Records sampler Vol.1 out NOW for FREE! Hosting and boasting the likes of Beat Poet Bennie Torrance, Rise Of The Echo Drone, Filth Spector, Los Tentakills, Al Hotchkiss, Von Wilhelm, Persian Claws, Dee Claw & A HOST OF LOVELY AFFABLE FREAKNIKS.

Los Tentakills - Out To Play 03:46
Dee Claw & Wild Al Hotchkiss - L.S.DEE 04:06
Rise Of The Echo Drone & Wild Al Hotchkiss - Cupboard Full of Pills & A Sharpened Knife. 01:46
Filth Spector - Demon Lover 03:09
Wild Al Hotchkiss - Wake Up A Little Suzy 02:08
Wild Al Hotchkiss & The Evil Ones - Grim Fandango 02:33
Wild Al Hotchkiss - When Up Is Down05:00
Bennie Torrance - Darkness Escapes Through Mornings Door 01:37
Wild Al Hotchkiss - Way Down In The Hole 03:33
Los Tentakills - I Got Two Wings 03:09
Filth Spector - Thee Filthy Urchin 03:41
Los Tentakills - Cut Off My Hands 03:01
Wild Al Hotchkiss - I Can't Hardly Stand It! 01:56
Wild Al Hotchkiss - The Low Road 02:35
Filth Spector - Le Fils De Miles Davis 08:53
Wild Al Hotchkiss - The Bitter Cup 02:34

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