Subarctic Nocturnes - Within the Ice VOL2 VA 2015

"Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice" is a collection of black metal and associated genres! Within this volume, a few different variations of black metal is included. The start of the album includes more fast-paced, and aggressive black metal, while the end of the album includes more introspective and melancholic post-black metal. It is not a perfect science to be sure, but an effort was made to make the songs flow as best as possible, which can be a challenge when including twelve different visions!

Sorcier des Glaces - Morbid Ritual 07:06
Grieving Mirth - Optio 04:57
Immortal Bird - Spitting Teeth 04:39
Galaktik Cancer Squad - Ghost Crypt System (Demo) 04:48
Verlies [ft. Morne & Psycho] - Un Dieu Mourant Devenant Chair Humaine 07:24
netra - Don't keep me waiting 04:44
Veldes - Woe Eater 09:07
Windbruch - No Stars 06:04
Obsidian Tongue - Brothers in the Stars09:28
Epitimia - Jamais Vu 06:25
Harrow - Stream-Enterer 06:08
Numenorean - Let me in 08:14

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