Sludge Hummer Imprint - Septic Murk​-​Tape VOL 2 VA 2014

Damn, what a great collection of insane tracks put together by Sludge Hummer Imprint! Featuring The Great Sabatini (track recorded specially for this compilation), Fuck the Facts, Godstopper.. and these are only a small part of 19 tracks.

The Great Sabatini- Bleeder Of The Pack 03:18
Dead Ranch- Lenry Beastman 02:49
Skurge- Animal Fat 02:42
Sparky- No Birthday 03:07
Fuck The Facts- Disabused 02:46
Les Guenilles- L'Abbé 03:15
Sperm- Pure Spirit, Kali Yuga 01:56
Druids- Horus Pt. III 03:37
Luther Higgs- (Man) On A Boat 05:14
Hadi Adel- Thyme 03:38
Joey Molinaro- Horror In Fidelus 00:47
Animal Ethics- Lungs 01:59
Greber- Harry Manx 00:52
Aenator- Coup D'etat By The Time Police 02:45
Endast- No Fate But What We Make03:54
Fightface- Bossfight 01:16
Anthesis- Tourette's (Nirvana Cover) 01:30
Godstopper- Young Queen 04:28
Soul Killing Female- Kill This Melody 05:28

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