Vendetta Records - Vendetta Compilation 2015

Freaking solid German record label Vandetta Records is putting up some even more freaking badass bands to their Vendetta Compilation. Just hit here to see what they are preparing to release in 2015 - it's a beast! All your favorite bands like Svffer, Children of God, Paramnesia, Ancst, Funerary, Whitehorse, Throwers and couple more! Highly Recommended!

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MOURNING CLOAK "no visible light"07:59
SVFFER "arrows" 02:13
ULTHA "you exist for nothing" ( rehersal demo ) 06:43
FUNERARY "coerced creation" 05:17
NO FAITH "we shall rot" 00:24
PARAMNESIA "II" ( demo version )11:11
CHILDREN OF GOD "unrelenting storm" 04:00
WHITEHORSE "sixteen" 08:17
ANCST "circles" 02:33
ABSTRACTER "lightless" 10:55
THROWERS "assigning" ( demo version ) 04:28

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