Mudbath - Corrado Zeller 2015

Started in 2011 as an excessive and primitive project, Mudbath was soon to become an obsession for its four members. Based in the dull city of Avignon in south-east France and feeding off the blight of their time, the band blends abrasive sludge with ritual doom and blackened hardcore. After a first EP Red Desert Orgy in 2012 and a flurry of gigs across Europe, the quartet will return in 2015 with Corrado Zeller, their first full-length LP out the 31st January. Track 3 " Salmonella" is featured David Sadok from VERDUN on vocals. Hail to the band and Lost Pilgrims Records for making this as NYP! Highly Recommended!

bandcamp: mudbath | support at bandcamplost pilgrims records

Mudbath - Corrado Zelle
Artwork by The Shivering Goat & Ben Sanair

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