Doom In Aeternum - Second compilation 2014

Doom In Aeternum blog nailed it again! Their second compilation with a large number of national and international bands. Bands from USA, Greece, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. Excellent collection of finest bands like Blood Red Water, Universe217, Keeper, Grey Widow, Melmak, Soul Terror, The Dry Mouths and more!

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Blood Red Water - Thundersnow in Venice 07:14
Buensuceso - C.O.T.C (City of Tears Citizen) 05:52
Caronte - The Sulphur Shaman 10:15
Dolmenn - Grim Reaper 09:18
Dread Sovereign - Thirteen Clergy06:06
Earthship - Dead Faint 03:36
El Altar del Holocausto - Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. 06:25
Grey Widow - I 05:24
Helevorn - Burden Me 05:02
Keeper - Admittance 09:13
Lotus Ash - Soul of Man 06:14
Melmak - Tigers of Platinum 03:32
Moat Hug - Kikeron 07:48
Octawitch - The Witch pt1 - Gathered04:28
Pyramidal - Beyond the Lost Orbs08:10
R.O.L.F. - Bebe de Piedra 06:17
Santo Rostro - Cannonball 06:08
Soul Terror - Fragmentary (Exclusive song for the compilation) 11:04
The Dry Mouths - Intromental I into Mental IV 06:17
Universe 217 - Ease 04:13

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