LLNN "The Guardian" Official Video

LLNN is definitely one of the newest & loudest Denmark hardcore bands featuring Christian Bonnesen and Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen of all mighty The Psyke Project (RIP). Music video is made by Melina Jacobsen and edited by a band member and video pro Rasmus G. Sejersen. The Guardian is an opener track to the bands freshly released and awesome EP "Marks"! Awesome piece, you must check it, you will dig it!

The need of substance to life, is a paradox.
Debt, duty and a happy new year.
Making something of yourself is pointless
Selfish asshole, produce kids and rot away to tv-dinners
Fuck you, I'm doing what you're telling me
Circle jerk with a smile on my face
In the claws of a system I don't understand
Creativity is cultivated, but I sure dealt the wrong hand
Despair x3
Become a used car salesman
I saw you coming
Dirty and empty
Eyes closed
Free and frail x2
Birth, work, death, repeat x2

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