Saarnastuoli - Luinen Syli 2013 / Savusauna Palaa 2014

Excellent old-school Finnish  doom metal band Saarnastuoli. Band started originally sometime during early 90's but were not able to create nothing but one fuzzy demo c-cassette. During that time all the active members were also more or less getting into different type of music like brit pop etc and that was the main reason band kind of split up '93. Years gone by until 2 original members spent memorable evening with Saint Vitus @ Nosturi 2011 and decided to to put band together. Band managed to get into the real studio and here are the 4 songs (two of them are downloadable) as a result from the 2 separate sessions. Not that much slow doom metal but still inspired by bands like St. Vitus, Black Sabbath, Venom, Xysma, Cathedral, Zeppelin, Kiss, Kingston Wall, Entombed, Paradise Lost etc.

Saarnastuoli - T. Sessions 2014
Saarnastuoli: Ruotsalainen T-Pussi (TEESPOT sessions 2013)
Saarnastuoli: Luinen Syli (TEESPOT sessions 2013)

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