Boddicker - Crime Upheaval 2014

Boddicker from Indianapolis, IN formed in 2012 and named after Clarence Boddicker, the uncompromising, cold-blooded criminal and arch villain from Robocop. Band features members that have and currently spend time in cult Fog, The Electric Hellfire Club, Ptahil, and Black Goat of the Woods, as well as filling in for the Lurking Corpses and San Francisco's Acephalix. Band influences range the gamut of 80's UK grind and crust, old school death metal, New York, Scandinavian, and Japanese hardcore, Slap a Ham era powerviolence, Eyehategod, and everything Glenn Danzig did in between 1976 and 1994. That's what you get! Long story short - this is insane!

bandcamp: boddicker | support at bandcamp

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