Bindrune Recordings - Untamed and Eternal VA 2014

Bindrune Recordings just released a pay-what-you-want compilation entitled "Untamed and Eternal 2014" featuring an exclusive to this comp only track from Nechochwen, along with a very eclectic mix of old and newer songs from Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, Vex, Ahamkara, Unwilling Flesh, Infirmary, Coldfells, Waldgefluster, Seidr and Infera Bruo.

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Nechochwen - Song of the White-Tailed Deer 05:07
Panopticon - The Long Road Part 2 Capricious Miles 07:53
Falls of Rauros - Ancestors of Smoke10:09
Vex - To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse) 04:51
Ahamkara - Lamentation Of A Wraith10:36
Unwilling Flesh - Nightmare Inception03:49
Seidr - The Pillars of Creation 10:21
Waldgefluster - Karhunkierros 08:30
Coldfells - Dungeons Deep 08:32
Infirmary - Beyond this Door 03:11
Infera Bruo - Ritual Within 13:06
Aetherium Mors - Divine Order Without God 04:09
Nechochwen - Pekikalooletiiwe (Instructions; an Exhortation) 08:56

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