As We Draw - Mirages 2014

Mirages is the outstanding second full-length from french powerhouse AS WE DRAW. Pursuing their will of constant evolution since 2009, these Laval natives have imposed their unique take on post-metal and noisy hardcore, crafted through ambitious songwriting and disarming live performances. Three years in the making, the follow-up to 2010's Lines Breaking Circles shows a band decided to challenge themselves as much as the listener (if not even more), out of every sub-genres conventions and commonplaces. As a proof, the album starts with the longest track ever wrote by the band. The ten-minutes mudslide that is "The Window" flows from eerie and intricate melodies to overwhelming parts, before descending into an unreal, glacial ending. Order it at Throatruiner Records!

This record is the culmination of the power trio's hard-earned mastery, where dense and nervous tracks ("Blackmail", "Denial") stand alongside richly atmospheric and massive soundscapes ("Shipwreck", "Fata Morgana"). Engineered and mixed at La Senelle by their drummer Amaury Sauvé, mastered by Magnus Lindberg, and lyrically exploring the theme of paranoïa seen through different eyes, "Mirages" is destined to remain an awe-inspiring piece of dark and forward-thinking heavy music."

The vinyl version comes on double milky clear 12" cut at 45rpm and is housed in a deluxe triple-gatefold jacket with printing on the inside - limited to 500 copies. The CD comes on 3-panel digifile. All orders will ship around October 4th. An high-quality download (with complete artwork) is also available from our Bandcamp page. Order it at Throatruiner Records!

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As We Draw - Mirages
Artwork by iamsailor

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