Topon Das + Bubba Crumrine + Merdarahta - Solar pulse / Faulter 2014

The noise of extinction have been created in a long distance collaboration between Topon Das (Fuck The Facts, Merdarahta) and Bubba Crumrine (Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, BRIAN!). Unity of both master musicians with a "Faulter" converge in a haunting 4 track journey and it's an amazing additive to Topon's Das (featuring 4/5 of Fuck The Facts as well as members of Winters In Osaka & The Sun Through a Telescope) doom/ noise outfit Merdarahta's new release titled "Solar Pulse". Both albums were released in a day between! Highly Recommended!


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Topon Das + Bubba Crumrine - Faulter
Artwork by Joseph Butler

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