LLNN - Marks 2014

When your soul have a hole it becomes mortal; dirty & haunting sounds all the way from Denmark's ghost town by brand new exorcists called LLNN, an hardcore/ experimental trio featuring Christian Bonnesen, Rasmus G. Sejersen, both from the loudest Copenhagen blackened hardcore act The Psyke Project, and Ketil Sejersen. LLNN's Marks is an thrilling debut EP, built from 5 track ritual, that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jakob Reichert Nielsen at French Fingers. Expect more to come, LLNN already mastering 12" vinyl + artwork, so it will hit the stores as soon it'll get it printed. Highly Recommended!

bandcamp: llnn | support at bandcamp

LLNN - Marks
Artwork by Mikkel Rask (MikkelRask.dk)

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