A389 Digital Mixtape VA 2014

Totally insane playlist; enjoy 54 tracks of the best hardcore/ metal/ other around!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!!

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NAPALM CHRIST Idols Of Evil 03:56
100 DEMONS Ne Desit Virtus 02:46
HOMEWRECKER Born To Suffer 02:06
BLIND TO FAITH Burial Of Mankind 04:17
ILSA 25 Cromwell 04:01
MOLOKEN Subliminal Hymns 03:06
BLOODLET Something Wicked 05:37
GENOCIDE PACT Menial Subsistence 02:47
RINGWORM King Of Blood 03:23
OCCULTIST Death Siglis 04:39
HEXIS Tenebris 02:28
SICK/TIRED Dried Up Corpse 00:55
HAYMAKER Ten Bucks Worth Of Rope 00:47
IRON REAGAN Spoiled Identity 01:05
LEFT FOR DEAD Devil's Punchbowl 01:51
FULL OF HELL Indigence And Guilt 01:51
NOISEM Defiled 02:39
LIKE RATS Dusk 02:48
BEVAR SEA Abishtu 08:46
FISTER Antitheist 08:27
CHAPEL Hell Breaks Loose 03:20
ARAX Straight Flush 01:59
COUNTRESS Spirits 03:36
EMPIRE OF RATS Bottomless Pit 02:05
INTEGRITY There Is A Sign 02:22
NOTHING In Metal 03:25
PHARAOH Degenerator 04:41
DEATHRITE Infernal Void 00:48
DESPISE YOU Culpa Mia 00:30
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Rebel Without A Car 00:45
OLD LINES Stratford 02:49
COFFINS Purgatorial Madness 03:58
SEX PRISONER State Property 00:37
COKE BUST Iron Spiral 00:56
NO ONE SURVIVES War Of My Own 01:56
PRIMITIVE MAN Unable 09:33
HIVE BENT The Observer 02:54
THE LOVE BELOW Fuck You Up And Get High 00:43
PUTRISECT Better To Burn 03:46
UNHOLY MAJESTY Compliance 03:32
CASTLE FREAK Sickening Corpses 02:01
SHIN TO SHIN Extinction 02:55
WEEKEND NACHOS That Life Of Yours 02:34
WITHDRAWAL Dream Catcher 02:36
MANPIG Center Of My Storm 01:08
PICK YOUR SIDE Not A Thought To Spare 00:58
TERRITORY Blowback 02:12
A389, Of Feather And Bone, Metalcore, Metal, Crown And Throne Ltd, Garth - OF FEATHER AND BONE Depraved 02:16
GOD'S AMERICA Keep Waiting 00:59
AMPALLANG INFECTION Demolition Of Man 00:48
ENFORCERS Unto Dust 03:31
JUNIOR BRUCE The Ocean's Daughter 05:57
OUTRO: Lenny's Golden Showers 00:42

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