Long awaited Archiv Hate zine series #X. Great people have joined us, some of these words you will hear for the first time. Enjoy the interview with Topon Das of amazing Fuck The Facts & Merdarahta. Cover art is made by Dawid Schindler of Wroclaw based hardcore/ punk quartet Torn Shore. Latvian guy Jānis Kuzminskis shares details on building AttAck guitars. Danial Gambler is soaking hands deep in blood to deliver craziest stories on album reviews. Arturs Vilmanis did his first ever review on Maxime Taccardi OMM (one man metal) project K.F.R - كافر. Excellent chat with graphic designer Olaf Schindler, read every single word he says! Morgan Gleave sharing story of The Baba Yaga, a mythical female figure from Russian folklore. And big horns up goes to Michael Rekevics of Vilkacis!

*ARCHIVHATE 10.pdf download link

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