The Great Sabatini "Munera" Official Video

Montreal noise metal quartet, THE GREAT SABATINI, prepares to break out their newest assembly of slamming chords and caustic vocals that is their Dog Years LP, the first single from the album has been let off the chain through a video. Dog Years LP to be released on Solar Flare Records, Out June 2nd 2014.

Dog Years is The Great Sabatini's third full length album. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Pearson (Cursed, Shallow North Dakota), and uses a raw, un-polished approach to capture a band with years of accumulated experience touring, writing and recording together. The aim was to create a hi fi document with all of their lo fi sensibilities, grit and live energy intact.

With the songs, the band strives to bring more focus and muscularity to their ideas... to reign in their use of musical devices and create a series of pieces that each expressed some facet of their sonic personality as a band, without wasting too much time, or bogging down the compositions with too many needless bells and whistles.

Each song has a different story to tell, musically and lyrically, so the band hopes to leave listeners with a diverse set of tunes that reveal nuances inside the noise and grime with each listen.

Having said that, the weight of every riff, the conviction behind every note, is the thread used to sew it all together. Every tune should represent the balance of precision playing and sonic pummel which they strive for. They want to move people. Not just the heshers who worship the almighty riff, but the folks out there with ears tuned to different marriages of sound.

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