Root Press Records - DIY w/ Love vol. 1 VA 2014

DIY netlabel Root Press Records is created by James Stirling who is an artist and illustrator that lives in Wilmington, NC and derives his inspiration from the worlds of fantasy, science fiction, and punk. This is a compilation for Autism, featuring such bands as ASTPAI, Barren Hope, Old Gray, XERXES and more. Every donations taken in for the digital download will be donated to Autism organization Autism Speaks, to further research of this disorder. Half of the money taken in for the "World in Hand" t-shirt will also be donated.

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XERXES - Grinstead 02:30
carnist - Crosses 02:37
Hierophant - Son of the Black Mirror 04:10
FREE CLINIC - Hide Around 03:34
Shirokuma - To Seek Out My Very Own Sun 02:30
ASTPAI - 2000 Pills 02:03
Could Be Drunker Forever - John Candy 04:42
Baklavaa - Mysterious Jeffries 03:04
This Patch of Sky - Heroes and Ghosts09:23
Notre Esprit - art vandelay 02:07
After the Fall - Wrong 02:37
Ellipser - Luau 04:05
Joyce Manor - Violent Inside 01:30
Earth Mover - Permanent We 04:16
George Costanza - Smiling Politely 05:35
BARREN HOPE - Footprints in Sand 02:38
Dearest We - Sex Terrorist 01:42
Old Gray - Wolves 03:46

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