Old Skin - Consume 2014

The release of Consume marks Manchester, UK based hardcore/ crust act Old Skin first year as a band. It’s been exactly a year since their recording of Mære and now have two new tracks available for free online, accompanied by 100 physical copies which are available for whatever amount you would like to pay. These tracks will only be available to stream, download and purchase between 26.05.14 and 01.06.14, after that they shall be taken down and will no longer be available! Highly Recommended!

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We love sharing our music, and the four of us strive to present and package it in a complementary way, but for us the key is that it is consumed. In limiting the time our music is available we want to push expectations of what can be done with the digital format and we encourage anyone who enjoys it to share it - once it is gone, it is gone, but it will be interesting to see if it is sustained by those who enjoy it. This release ends a period of time we are extremely proud of and grateful for, and has given us the momentum to write our first LP, to be recorded in December 2014. - Old Skin

Old Skin - Consume
Artwork by Michael Ribeiro

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