Church of Fuck - False Metal Eternal Compilation VA 2014

Church Of Fuck offers free 30 track digital compilation False Metal Eternal. The first half of the compilation, 14 tracks of COF bands are streaming on the Bandcamp. Those who download False Metal Eternal will receive a further 16 bonus tracks of non-COF bands, handpicked for this release. Trudger, Caïna, Old Skin, Esoteric Youth, Psywarfare, Iced Out, Cholera, ITHACA UK, Razoreater, Deathseekers, Cara Neir, Let It Die, HEKSED, Magic Moments, Kashyyyk, Seventh Circle, Cold Fell, Voe, Bast, Oblivionized (Official), Glarus and many more bands from the worlds of hardcore, black metal, grind, sludge, noise and post-metal.

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1. TRUDGER - State Of Constant Slumber (EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK from upcoming LP ‘Dormiveglia’)
2. CAÏNA - We Sleep
3. ITHACA - Ashes
4. ICED OUT - Death Riders (ft. MR of Old Skin)
6. PSYWARFARE - Arrival
7. LET IT DIE - Boredom/Inertia
8. CARA NEIR - The Last Siren
9. OLD SKIN - Moral//Panic
10. HEKSED - Love You To Death (Type O Negative cover)
11. RAZOREATER - Hashishins
12. DEATHSEEKERS - Carnage
13. CHOLERA - Puppet
14. MAGIC MOMENTS - Strangelove (Depeche Mode cover)
15. KASHYYYK - SSRI (Exclusive track recorded for FALSE METAL ETERNAL) (BONUS)
16. COLD FELL - Onward To Helvellyn (BONUS)
17. VOE - Rust (BONUS)
19. RESET TO ZERO - Lamb And Goat Full Moon Embrace (BONUS)
20. VOID FORGER - Relief (BONUS)
21. GATECREEPER - Overdose (BONUS)
22. GLARUS - Fire (BONUS)
23. OBLIVIONIZED - Hope Is The First Sign Of Defeat (BONUS)
24. GRIMMNESS - Parasite (BONUS)
25. SEVENTH CIRCLE - Blind Slaves (BONUS)
26. TEEF - Anxiety (BONUS)
27. BAST - Denizens (BONUS)
28. KATO - Dust Of Earth (BONUS)
29. MASS - Numbing (BONUS)
30. STEPHEN TREPAK - No Sympathy For The Wretched (BONUS)

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