Улыбайся Ветру, Маяк split 2013

With screams from Russia - the split record of a screamo band Улыбайся Ветру (Smile To The Wind) featuring members of THID // The Homeless is Dead & Minaret and a Маяк featuring members of My Son, My Home & My Tree, Medic, Medic! and Namatjira. Улыбайся Ветру side A: recorded at Perekop Studio. Mixed and mastered by Artemy Perminov. Маяк side B: recorded at Deadwhiskey Studio. Mixed and mastered by Artёm "NerdPunk" Lobyntsev.

Улыбайся Ветру

Улыбайся Ветру, Маяк split
Artwork by Alёna Sevastyanova.

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