Bone Dance - st 2012

Boise, Idaho based DIY punk/ hardcore quintet Bone Dance's s/t full-length combines the sound of hardcore, sludge & doom, it's a monolith, heavy as a last breath. Lyrically inspired by area dominated by the Religious Right, the Conservative Coalition, and some of the most culturally repressive mechanisms in America, Bone Dance acts as a document of this inheritance by time and place and on principle rejects all of it. NYP by independent DIY label Prototype Records after the jump.

bandcamp: bone dance | support at prototype records

After 5 years, hundreds of shows, thousands of miles, and infinite bullshit, the time has come to call it a day. Thank you everyone who has done anything at all to support this band throughout our existence. It really does mean the world to us, and it always will.

We have debt, so if you'd like to get some merch, feel free to pick something up at - 50% off everything in the store with the discount code 'THANKYOU' - we'll be throwing in free stuff with every order, so be sure to include your preferred shirt size in the order notes, just in case.

Again, thank you to everyone who wasn't a two-faced garbage fire.

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