Art As Catharsis - A Collection Of Songs & A Dedication To Chris Torpy 2014

A special compilation curated by We Lost the Sea and Art As Catharsis to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2013. It's a collection of 32 songs that put together to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2013. The release includes tracks from Totally Unicornsleepmakeswaves, Dumbsaint, HELM, Hope Drone, Serious BeakSolkyri and many, many more. There is also a tribute and fundraiser show happening April 26, event info at this location. Please LISTEN, SHARE, DOWNLOAD and DONATE.

"Not a day goes by that we all don't think about him," says We Lost the Sea drummer Nathaniel D'Ugo. "To pay tribute to Chris we could think of no better way than to get together a bunch of bands full of people that he loved and who loved him."

100% of proceeds will be donated to the charity beyondblue, who provide support for people who suffer any form of depression and anxiety, empowering all Australians, at any life-stage, to seek help. beyondblue raises awareness, reduces stigma and ensures people have access to the information they need to support recovery, management and resilience.

For information on depression, anxiety and related disorders, available treatments and where to get help, visit, call the beyondblue info line on 1300 22 4636 (local call cost from a landline), or email
Thank you to the bands, fans, friends and family involved.

We Lost the Sea - A Quiet Place 07:54
Dumbsaint - The Auteur 08:35
sleepmakeswaves - our time is short but your watch is slow 03:10
Serious Beak - Han 08:17
Totally Unicorn - Inner Tube 02:42
Marathon - Quiet Decline 00:57
Lo! - Bleak Vanity 04:23
Solkyri - Threads Of An Old Life 06:32
moonboat - spiritpanther 04:40
Hope Drone - Finite 11:44
Dining in Tuscany - Gold Plates & Black Discs 06:26
Bortgorst - RAYNMAH 03:23
Adrift for Days - Messages Through Sleep 11:55
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Same Again 01:44
The Fevered - Epicenter 03:37
Hans Christian Bischof - One 02:54
Judson - Look Inside 03:48
YĆ«rei - Aokigahara 07:43
Gvrlls - The Death of a Bridge 03:19
Boneless - Hypocrites 02:24
Judson vs (g)host - Deathrips 05:58
At Dark and Chris Torpy - The Alive 16:18
Tigers For Sale - Headphones 04:24
Five Star Prison Cell - Modus Operandi 02:13
Jxckxlz - Dancing to the Pulse 06:04
HELM - Iron Wall 08:08
Snakes Get Bad Press - No Secret 02:52
Islands - Hand Built View 08:30
Omerata - Street Lights 02:54
Sound The Mute - Empty Skies of a Lonely View 21:17
We Lost the Sea - With Grace 16:34

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