Brand new conversations at the latest Archiv Hate interview magazine series #09. Cover art by Janis Burmeisters of TESA. There's quite a lot reviews by Danial Gambler, he also had an eye-on-eye chat with Rebecca Vernon of Subrosa. This all is accompanied by SLAVES BC mastermind Jason Cantu haiku reviews and awesome stories by masked creatures of Terra Tenebrosa. Also Mike McClatchey who runs 4 bands at the same time and Massive Thunderfuck, a sludge/ doom act  from Germany. We somehow find out that Lauris Einbergs of Tyhjyys who witnessed Latvian Underground music scene growth. Exciting chat and awesome iPhone pics by filmmaker Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen of The Psyke Project. Morgan Gleave researched Eastern European folklore, and came across the evil female deity Ajatar. Hellyeah!

*ARCHIVHATE 9.pdf download link

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