Young Hunter, Ohioan split 2013

A split cassette between desert comrades Young Hunter and OHIOAN, involving more than 20 people in making process of this record. Both EP's were recorded in the same time period, in the same studio, with some musicians in common, so it felt like these two pieces of music were related by blood and conception. So now they live together in a tape. Young Hunter side, Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain, comes with 3 hypnotic and superb psychedelic songs. OHIOAN side, TetralogĂ­a Lavaplatos, features one lengthy track, that actually is a mix of 4 different songs. Highly Recommended!


Double-sided screen printed Stumptown Bradpak case with lyric sheet, and gold-on-black high-bias cassette. Comes with free download for each side. Only 200 copies made, buy at Bancamp pages. Only YH side as NYP.

bandcamp: young hunter, ohioan | support at bandcamp

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