Solaris - The Truth Can Only Be Learned By Marching Forward 2011

Solaris is a post-metal band hailing from Latvia, formed in 2005 as a instrumental trio only with guitar, bass & drums. With various drummer changes in the Solaris lineup, and adding two more guitars & vocals who manages modulations and keys, band continued as a sextet. The band has recorded four full length albums, nevertheless band splitted up in 2009. Good news is that according to their FB page, dudes are back and working on some new riffs, will definitely wait for that! Highly Recommended!

bandcamp: solaris | support at bandcamp

The material for “The Truth Can Only Be Learned By Marching Forward” was recorded in ''Hodila'' studio with Girts Laumanis, who's worked with such known Latvian bands as TESA and Soundarcade. The sound is heavier, colder and darker. In general, Solaris is a dark, atmospheric and avant-garde post rock/ post metal band with a mixture of electronic flow all over it.

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