FLOOR - Lost Tracks 2014

Some old lost tracks by excellent metalheads FLOOR. There's the original version of "Vampyro" aka. "Asssmasher", an "Slugthrower", and another track called "Avalanche On Paws". The other song called "The Closet" is from the Slomophobe/ Iommi demo. These songs have nothing to do with the upcoming record but they should, at least, be heard by fans. Raw quality, but you know - it's FLOOR!

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New album titled Oblation coming April 29, 2014 (North America), April 25, 2014 (rest of world), pre-order here. Two new tracks streaming : "Find Away" here & "War Party" here!

Oblation tracklist:

01 “Oblation”
02 “Rocinante”
03 “Trick Scene”
04 “Find Away”
05 “The Key”
06 “New Man”
07 “Sister Sophia”
08 “The Quill”
09 “Love Comes Crushing”
10 “War Party”
11 “Homegoings And Transitions”
12 “Sign Of Aeth”
13 “Raised To A Star”
14 “Forever Still”

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