Doomsayer Records - Doomsayer Vol.1 2014

Doomsayer Records is a new thing in music biz, it's an independent label spreading physical releases and digital downloads, launched at March 1 of 2014. Official launch was celebrated with various superb doom/ sludge/ stoner/ psychedelic band compilation - Doomsayer Vol. 1. These are just a couple great bands featured on this piece - Sons Of Tonatiuh, Crawl, Degradations, Fistula, Sludgethrone. Highly Recommended!

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Sons Of Tonatiuh - Skull File 05:54
Hawg Jaw - Ramifications and Repercussions 02:05
Traitors Return To Earth - In Humanity In Our Name 09:09
Crawl - Don't Kid Me 04:41
Degradations - I Hate This Place 01:58
Wasted Theory - Hellfire Ritual 04:51
Fistula - Never Trust A Cop 04:20
Gorgantherron - Paranoia 04:12
Snake Oil - A Stranger Comes Along06:48
Disenchanter - Journey To Abydos - Moon Maid 12:15
Sludgethrone - Dominion 25:45
Artwork: Brendan Burns

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