CVLT Nation: DOOM Nation Volume III mixtape 2014

CVLT Nation is bringing in third year with heaviest Doom Nation mixtape to date! Doom Nation Vol. III is almost three hours of crushing, pulverizing basslines, so heavy that you won’t be able to lift yourself off the floor for days! This epic mixtape features 18 of our favorite doom bands, including Shadow of the Torturer, Monolord, Electric Wizard, Grey Widow, Nightslug and many more.

DOOM Nation vol.III Track Listing:

1.Shadow Of The Torturer: Yaks of Sodom 0.0

2.Ishmael: Buried With Fingers Crossed 9.19

3.INDIAN: Disambiguation 20.27


5.Floor: Slugthrower 31.05

6.NIGHTSLUG: Into Oblivion 34.56

7.RUINE: Regression 40.34

8.Grey Widow: VIII 46.40

9.Om: Annapurna 55.40

10.Toner Low: Seven 1.07.21

11.Dopethrone: Reverb Deep 1.21.00

12.Electric Wizard: Legalize Drugs & Murder 1.30.55

13.Monolord: Empress Rising 1.36.45


15.Ensorcelor: Flesh Dreams of Uninhabited Space 1.59.00

16.Subrosa: No Safe Harbor 2.19.39

17.UZALA: BURNED 2.31.37

18.Act of Impalement: Necromancer's Theme 2.35.46

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