ARCHIV HATE blackprint edition t-shirt

Archiv Hate collaborated with Monster Alphabet to create something exceptionally good! This is a kind of neat event since we both have reached exact 633 followers on FB. To celebrate this coincidence AH crew is launching three week campaign with these limited edition t-shirts designed by Monster Alphabet. We need to sell at least 40 to get this beast to be printed. Support those who supports you and buy your shirt at this location

ARCHIV HATE blackprint edition t-shirt

3 colors for the men world, two for the ladies!
MOBY-DICK of white t-shirts, a perfect thing for whales or powerful person in particular.
BARON 50 shades of gray with black print for the person in charge.
OBARACK is black-on-black aka president edition. It's the real deal for a funeral or presidential elections.
We need to sell at least 40 of these awesome shirts to make this thing happening! BUY, like & share!

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