The Lion's Daughter "Swann" Official Video

THE LION'S DAUGHTER premiere their new music video for the song “Swann.” The track is taken from a full-length split, A Black Sea, with folk act Indian Blanket.

"Swann" comes off the album, A Black Sea, a fully collaborative effort between THE LION'S DAUGHTER, and somber folk collective/fellow St. Louis occupants, INDIAN BLANKET. A Black Sea is a torrid sound collage of dark and light recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabe Usery (Fister) at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis. Now playing courtesy of Decibel Magazine, second track "Gods Much More Terrible" plays out like the soundtrack to a doomsday Western.

"Swann" is loosely based around news stories about the mentally handicapped and schizophrenic who've been locked up and sentenced to death. Imagine trying to make sense of being kept in a cell by people who intend to kill you when you can't even understand what it is you've done wrong. Working with Josh Rowan (who had done the album artwork) and director Brain Cummings we wanted to try and capture this isolation and confusion as simply as possible by contrasting footage of a cold, dark enclousure with a free, wandering eye which is outside and unrestrained. Whether these images are dreams, memories, or a reality is left unclear, just as it might be in that person's mind.

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