MOPE is an instrumental doom metal band formed in Italy in 2011. They love minimalist and repetitive but heavy and distorted drones and stoner doom metal riffs, together with slow ambient/ jazz environments. Each member comes from a different music background but they all agree on listening to Earth, Om and Sleep. What comes out is a mix of heavy sonorities and elements of avant-garde metal, with the saxophone as a peculiar vocal line. For fans of Yakuza, Minsk, Callisto but also any doom metal, post metal, stoner and psychedelic music lover.

Mope's self-titled debut album will be out on 22nd February 2014, released by Taxi Driver Records (Genova, Italy) in CD and digital format. "Mope" was recorded at Cdm, then mixed and mastered at El Fish Recording Studio.

artwork is a drawing by Jessica Rassi (The Giant's Lab).

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