Postcode - Zebratronic 2014

Postcode, the post-punk duo of Mikie Daugherty and Marie Reynolds releasing their follow-up to 2013's award-winning The ZebrATP EP. Zebratronic was actually recorded earlier and sees the band exploring different sonic territory: drum machines, synths, guitars that don't sound like guitars (and plenty that do), screwdrivers, drumsticks and an increased deployment of slide, along with a complete lack of standard tuning all combined to make the process more experimental. The recording of the album was marked by the death of Mikies father, which had an understandable impact on things. Despite this, it is certainly not a "death album", though some of Marie's lyrics do make reference to what had happened.

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Making of Zebratronic: Mikie and Marie from Postcode talk about the making of their new/old album.

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