Music As Heroin - Vol.II 2014

Music As Heroin blog Vol.II sampler is gathering of a bands with interesting sounds and messages that more people should hear. This sampler will include a bonus track, which will be ready in a couple of weeks. Superb compilation of dark and atmospheric music featuring Cold Blue Mountain, Deathrite., Hexis, Musth, Senior Fellows, Sky Burial, Stay Here, Taste The Void, This Gift is A Curse, Vows and more.

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Vows - Carrion 02:28
Senior Fellows - A Systematic Review of Biblical Morality and Its Injurious Impact on Society #19 03:29
Taste The Void - Monolith 04:31
Stay Here - Non Mechanical 04:59
X Suns - To The Bottom of The Sea (The Greys) 07:41
KYOTY - 14 03:54
Hexis - Tenebris 02:28
Goya - Rites of Hashage 08:59
Cold Blue Mountain - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 03:49
Musth - Into The Waves 06:47
Sky Burial - From Out of Obscured Light10:27
Deathrite - Failure of Existence 02:42
This Gift Is a Curse - The Swarn 04:47
Ornaments - Pneuma 11:00

Artwork by Charilaos Emmanouil Papakostas

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