Tight To The Nail - Winter Offensive VA 2014

Tight To The Nail offering you greatest records, the latest series of digital samplers. 17 track punch-to-the-spine, this sampler will knock your socks off and shit on them.

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1) Seizures - Ante Meridiem
taken from the self released LP The Sanity Universal

2) Ithaca - G├Žst
taken from their upcoming debut EP

3) Meatpacker - State Of The Beast
taken from the upcoming split with Fetus Christ

4) Mercy Ties - The Gambit
taken from the EP A Dim Lit Place, released by Glory Kid Records

5) Outrage - Vermin
taken from their upcoming 7" Eigengrau, due for release by The CC

6) Draize - Thick
taken from their upcoming self titled 7", released by Bad Teeth Recordings

7) Outer Heaven - Eden Burns
taken from their upcoming release on Melotov Records

8) Bitterness Exhumed - Ripe Trauma
taken from their upcoming 12" Desperate & Miserable, due for release in February on Demons Run Amok Entertainment, Ecocentric Records, Dark Omen Records and WOOAAARGH Records

9) Act Of Impalement - Necromancer's Theme
taken from their Hyperborean Altar LP

10) 72% Morrissey - Yeah! Brackie!
taken from their Nite Errors LP

11) Downpour - Life Cancer
taken from their EP Endless

12) Caina - The Last Lantern
taken from the Earth Inferno EP

13) It's For A Cop - Candy Bars
taken from their self titled cassette

14) Dead Ranch - Lenry Beastman
taken from the Antler Royal LP

15) Wren - Pathos
- coming soon -

16) Woes - Disposable
taken from the split cassette tape with Diswarp

17) Haast's Eagled - Viking
taken from their self titled EP

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