Morality Crisis - Pharos Imperos 2006

Morality Crisis two songs were recorded under the name "Pharos Imperos" in August of 2006 at recording session held in a basement at the city of Wausau (Marathon County, Wisconsin, US). They never got a proper release, so here they are. Enjoy!

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This here's a two-song EP we recorded in 2006 under the name Pharos Imperos. We were 18, about to leave Wausau forever, and bitter as bitter can be. We never properly released it, but we like the songs so we thought they should see the light of day. Like everything else we'll ever release, it's free to download. We hope you enjoy!

2013 was awesome. Thanks to our Kickstarter supporters for making the "Boats" LP happen, thanks to the Twin Cities/Minnesconsin heavy scenes for being relentlessly supportive of unique and nasty music, thanks to all of our friends' bands, thanks anyone who booked a show or let us sleep on their floor/porch/yard, thanks to anyone who blogged about us, to anyone who downloaded our music and told their friends about it. WE LOVE YOU

Meanwhile, 2014's gonna rip. In two weeks we're recording some new jams with our friend Sam Lewis of NERVES. We're also booking shows all over and are going to tour again next summer (where? - SEND SUGGESTIONS). We're excited.

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