Inhibis - Galora Wasteland 2013

Inhibis, started as a duo somewhere in the spring of 2012, just two friends jamming together. After couple gigs band started to get its shape, joined by new members - the new formation began its work in September 2012. Inhibis first release came out in April, 2013 as a 3 track demo called Illusions, couple months later follow-up Galora Wasteland EP, with guest vocals on track "Hot Rotten Robot" by Matic Babič (The Canyon Observer).

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About a month ago though, we decided it's for the band's best if we kick out our signer. It was tough, but a step in the right direction in our opinion. We're making instrumental music now, in hopes to find a new singer. "Galora Wasteland" is not yet available in physical form, but will be in around a week.

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